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MBRG’s MD Job Growth PAC Delivers Largest Contribution Ever to Pro-Business Candidates Funds Follow the Announcement of a New Mobile App for Voters

COLUMBIA, Md., September 5, 2018 – The Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG) Maryland Job Growth PAC this week delivered $126,750 to pro-business/pro-job-growth candidates running for various positions in state and local races. The total represents the largest disbursement of funds ever made by the organization.

The funds raised to support these significant contributions serve as a clear indication of the buy-in that MBRG has received from both the business community and voters, and represents an overwhelming desire for a stronger economy, with an emphasis on job creation.

News of the contributions coincides with the release of MBRG’s Vote Jobs Maryland app. A collaborative effort between MBRG and Modern Advocacy, the new app provides quick, mobile access to the voting results of all 188 state legislators on business- and job-related bills from the most recent Maryland Legislative Session. The app serves as yet another vehicle for MBRG to educate elected officials, business owners, and voters on why and how business-related legislation has a direct impact on the state economy and the ability to grow and sustain jobs.

Available for download on the App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft, the app makes MBRG’s annual Roll Call data readily accessible at any time.

“With so many individuals accessing data from smartphones and tablets, we recognize the need for immediate delivery of information to assist individuals as they cast their votes in the upcoming election,” said MBRG Board Chair, Scott Dorsey. “Historically, the State of Maryland has not been among the most business-friendly states, but MBRG hopes to change that by educating the general public about why business-related issues are so critically important to each and every job.”

“We are highlighting job related issues, not political issues,” said Frank Avena, Chair of MBRG’s Maryland Job Growth PAC. “This isn’t about the people vs. business owners. This is about growing and preserving jobs, and encouraging our legislators to work with our pro-job-growth governor, not against him.”

MBRG strives to reach individual voters for increased awareness about what happens when legislators vote businesses – and, consequently, jobs – out of the State.

For information about the app or to download, visit the Vote Jobs Maryland website.

About Maryland Business for Responsive Government:

MBRG is a statewide, nonpartisan political research and education organization supported by corporations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and individuals. The group’s primary purpose is to inform Maryland businesses, elected officials, and the general public about the economic climate necessary to support job growth and economic expansion. MBRG’s annual publication, Roll Call, enables voters and businesses to hold politicians accountable for the state’s economic well-being. Roll Call analyzes business- and job-related legislation and scores each Maryland legislator on their actual votes in each legislative session.

About Maryland Advocacy/Vote Jobs Maryland

Modern Advocacy provides an affordable, scalable platform that will take your organization’s advocacy efforts to the next level. Our app allows you to track a legislator’s performance as it relates to issues that are important to your organization. Our app also allows you to directly engage with elected officials quickly and easily. Your advocates utilize a host of mobile options to communicate with their state and local legislators one-on-one; in their own words or as part of a collective action.

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President, MBRG
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CEO, Modern Advocacy